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Rude Awakenings


I’m beginning to wonder whether the government is determined to save money on my ‘gold-plated’ pension by ensuring that the BBC drives me to an early grave.

Each morning I wake up happy and refreshed ready to greet the day only to have my mood shattered by an interview with someone who is clearly barking mad that has me shouting at the radio, sending my blood pressure through the roof. Read more ›››

X is for X Marks the Spot

X Marks the Spot was a panel game on Radio 4 that ran from 1998 to 2006. The idea was for celebrity know-alls to take part in a treasure hunt which you might think an odd format for radio.

The celebrities were given a series of cryptic clues to identify four places in Great Britain which would form a giant X and the treasure was notionally buried at a fifth place where the lines crossed. Read more ›››

Cushy Number

As cushy numbers go, one of the easiest jobs I’ve ever witnessed was the one done by the bloke who used to look after the car park at work.

His name was Ivor and he was a cantankerous old sod whose role in life was to stamp across the tarmac every now and then and swear at anyone who dared to park in the wrong spot. Read more ›››

Five’s Two Up Front

One of the great disappointments of the World Cup and the Dutch team, apart from their thuggish play, was their selfishness in not drawing their first group match against Denmark, thus depriving us of a footballing palindrome — NED 0 – 0 DEN — in the corner of the tv screen.

I suppose it would have depended on which channel you watched the match on as sometimes it is abbreviated as HOL for Holland and sometimes NED for Nederlands. Read more ›››

Psychic Cricket

I new it would happen eventually — I’m beginning to feel stuffed and overfaced by the orgy of sport on the telly this week. Having wall to wall World Cup and Wimbledon is like  a diet of burgers and strawberries and cream. A nice enough idea, but you’ll be craving salad and Ryvita before too long.

And so it is with the footie. I switch on the matches almost by remote control (literally really) but my mind starts wandering and I suddenly remember other things I should be doing. Like worming the dog or reading my horoscope. Read more ›››

The Unusual Suspects

The BBC’s cut-out-and-keep wallchart of World Cup Cabinet Stars stickers is a useful reminder of who is now who and what shade of blue they are.

The concession to Nick Clegg’s new elevated position is that he gets more white space around him than his colleagues, but no-one’s image is larger than Dave’s. Read more ›››

The Moving Finger Having Writ

Don’t ask why, but I had reason at work to try to find a stenographer today and the top result of this Google search was about a day in the life of one working at the BBC. It transpires that every programme the Beeb puts out is transcribed by a team of stenographers. I had an FFS moment. (Abr: first word ‘for’ last word ‘sake’. Complete.) I mean, there’s a… Read more

Bye Bye Beeb

The latest, and last, Oxford and Cambridge boat race was aired by the BBC today. Good thing too, given the mess they made of it. Year on year, they’ve given us the words of the umpire, saying who was in the wrong, who should move over. Then in this, their last year, not a peep, just the un-dreaming spires language of the two coxes. (Or is that coxs or cocks?) Read more ›››