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I’m not sure whether our canteen (sorry, staff restaurant) has a) got it’s marketing right; b) got it totally wrong ; c) is making sure they get rid of the fowl products in the freezer because of the bird flu scare or d) such foodstuff is rather cheap at the moment. How else to explain poultry on the menu five days running?

We’ve had chicken pasta, chicken and mushroom pie (twice), chicken curry and turkey steaks, though how linking the latter with the words ‘Bernard Matthews’ was meant to inspire consumer confidence is anyone’s guess. Read more ›››

Sick as a Parrot

I was tempted to write this one yesterday, but I preferred to watch the footie which was a mistake. It’s this business about there being a shortage of flu vaccine. How on earth can the media point the finger of blame at government when it is the media itself that has caused the shortage?

Only a month or so ago, the headlines screamed “Bird Flu!” and Trevor McDonald’s grave tones told us that it’s on its way and we’re all going to die. Now call me niaive, that is going to pump up demand just a tad. Frighten every Daily Mail reader to death so that when they’re offered the routine seasonal flu vaccine there is a “Yes, please” response and take-up goes through the roof. Quelle surprise. Read more ›››

One Flu Over the Parrot’s Nest

As Councillor Bob observes, these are worrying times for the Parrot household. The bird flu has landed in the shape of a parrot that died in quarantine having been shipped here from Surinam in South America.

And as we know, if this avian flu mutates into a version that can pass from human to human we’ll be in dead lumber and millions will certainly die. (It says so in the Daily Mail, so it must be true.) Read more ›››