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Whenever I think of Birmingham, all that springs to mind is that line by Mike Harding: “How can two and half million people have a speech defect?”

I can’t help it because I know very little about the place. I’ve rarely visited and then some years ago on business, so I hardly got to know the city. All I have is an abiding memory of flyovers and flyunders, particularly the latter; narrow lanes and high speeds seemingly inches from concrete walls and pillars worryingly reminiscent of a similar tunnel in Paris in 1996. Read more ›››

For Whom the M6 Tolls

The M6 toll-motorway opened today, surprisingly a month earlier than planned. I don’t often travel that way, but when I have, getting through that section has been a nightmare. My only worry is that you have to pull in at a toll booth to pay your two quid. So there you are, belting down the m-way at 70mph (honest, officer) only to come to a grinding halt to hand over your cash. Read more ›››