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Super, smashing, great

Master P and his mates took themselves off to Blackpool for a day on the Pleasure Beach on Saturday and had an enjoyable time, but not the outcome. The poor lad woke up in the night being sick etc and was laid low all day Sunday and hasn’t properly recovered yet.

We weren’t sure if it was a combination of the freezing weather and a dodgy kebab or one of the winter vomitting viruses that do the rounds. I got my answer this morning. I woke at about 5pm feeling odd and made my way to the loo and was promptly very sick. I went back to bed and foolishly drank some water that made a return journey at around 9am. Read more ›››

Blackpool in Black

Anyone who can be bothered to be a regular reader of SP will know that as a family we are big fans of Blackpool, particularly the Pleasure Beach, so sad to relate that its MD, Geoffrey Thompson, was buried today after his death on 15 June, and a pretty grand affair it was too.

He was the grandson of Alderman William G Bean who opened the Pleasure Beach in 1910 after a visit to Coney Island with the simple aim “to make adults feel like children again and to inspire gaiety of a primarily innocent character.” Read more ›››

Peace in Our Time

A very pleasant sunny Sunday morning in Stockport. And complete silence, the reason being that my wife and kids have taken themselves off to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. We had three all day passes left from our previous visit a couple of weeks ago and they had to be used before the end of the season. The original idea was to go tomorrow, but Pat had too many work commitments.

I must say, you can’t beat a day in Blackpool and I hope the Valhalla ride (our favourite) is working this time. It is a water ride in the dark with great effects – howling winds, freezing ice mists, tunnel of water and walls of fire to dry you off because believe me, you do come off this ride very, very wet. Read more ›››