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Austerity Britain – Fireworks

My money-saving austerity tips was meant to be an occasional series, but given the date, I felt had to rush into post again with some ideas for Bonfire Night on the cheap.

Starting with the bonfire itself. My advice is simple — don’t bother.

You will need all the fuel you can lay your hands on for when the country has the gas and electric cut off in January. Read more ›››

Not With a Bang

For the first time in years, we have no fireworks with which to celebrate Bonfire Night on its 400th anniversary. I did try but when I popped into the local newsagent, they had completely sold out.

I suspect that this is because the nearest supermarket, Morrisons, doesn’t sell fireworks, whether on ethical or commercial grounds I’m not sure, while last year, as Safeway, it sold masses of them. Read more ›››

Remember, remember

‘Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot.’ The time when we turn our quiet suburban streets into downtown Baghdad with fireworks of multiple mortar attack proportions.

We joined in, of course. I arrived home last night to find a large cardboard box of explosives in the kitchen. It measured about two foot six by one foot by one foot high. Read more ›››