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Odd Streak

I have few good things to say about the Daily Mail as rule. Its journalism is both partisan right-wing and sensational (a dangerous combination) and is written by people who think the world should be as it was in the 1950s.

They can also be misleading with their giveaways. ‘Free with tomorrow’s Daily Mail…’ splashed across the front page, followed by ‘Jamie Oliver Does DIY’ or ‘How We Won WWII in Technicolor DVD’. Read more ›››

Days of Anger

The bruhaha over those cartoons continues unabated. (Where do they get all those Danish flags from? Someone is making a killing if you’ll pardon the unintentional pun.)

This despite the fact that upwards of a thousand of their brothers have perished in the Red Sea. Hints at the priorities of some people — outrage for the sake of outrage… Read more ›››

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words — And Bombs

Have you seen any of those Danish cartoons that have ‘irked’ Muslims around the world? (Radio WTOP’s choice of words, not mine from 30 December, a cached version.) I’m not surprised they were offended — they’re not remotely funny. In fact, about as funny as a Guardian cartoon.

The one that has caused all the fuss is the one supposedly depicting the Prophet Mohammed with a turban as a bomb. Hilarious, eh? Read more ›››