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The Earthly Gods

I’ve written about the Agent of Rome series of novels before, but for some reason not since the second book which is rather remiss of me since I’ve just finished book six.

So, by way of a catch-up, Cassius Corbulo, the reluctant imperial agent has continued to make a name for himself in Rome’s eastern provinces, solving some of the empire’s trickier problems with intelligence, tenacity and a degree of luck. Read more ›››

The Imperial Banner

Derafsh Kaviani

I wrote about The Siege in glowing terms after I read it last year, so be prepared for a similar paean for The Imperial Banner, the second in the Agent of Rome series by Nick Brown.

The year is 272AD, two years after the events of The Siege during the Palmyran rebellion, and the young Cassius Quintius Corbulo is again in Syria as an agent of the Imperial Security Service. Read more ›››

The Siege

Nick Brown

I mentioned recently that some of the I sometimes stumble upon many of my favourite books by accident. Perhaps picked up at a secondhand stall, or simply because I like the picture on the cover or, in the case of The Siege, because it made up a two for three offer at Waterstones.

I usually save my star-rating until the end, but I shall nail my colours to the mast at the start and say this is five star material and certainly one of my books of 2011. Read more ›››