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Fresh Air and Fun

Chadkirk Bridge

As usual with the Olympics, I’ve found myself in thrall of sports that I haven’t a clue about and couldn’t care less about at any other time, so I’ve found myself up until the early hours watching volleyball of all things.

Much as I admire Bradley Wiggins for his success in the Tour de France, it wasn’t something I watched on tv and yet I spent four hours on Saturday watching Team GB failing to win the road race. Read more ›››

Chad’s Valley

Nearly 9:30pm and it is still 20°. Great weather for May. We’ve done little today, although me and Ms P took our dog, Jack, for a walk around Chadkirk which is just a few minutes drive from where we live. Above is the monk carved from an old tree outside the 14th century chapel dedicated to St Chad. Read more ›››