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One Swallow Does Not Make a Summer

Smart chap that Aristotle, but he might be wrong on this one. Sid the Swallow who I told you about the other day is thriving and doing his best to make a summer in the Parrot household.

He or she is still scoffing mealworms, but not every ten minutes as it was a couple of days ago. It is eating more, but less frequently, whether because it is growing or because it has figured that it has no competition from other hungry mouths. Read more ›››


It might be hard to tell, but here is a photo of the latest addition to the Parrot household, a swallow chick. It was found by my nephew having fallen from its nest in the roof of the shed at his dad’s allotment, cold and looking like a goner.

He took it under his wing, so to speak, warming it in his hands until began to move again. A site on hand-rearing swallows advised feeding it with live food if possible and a worm from the garden brought it back from the brink. Read more ›››