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Go tell the Austins

A couple of work colleagues told me today of their trip to the pictures on Friday. They went to see Becoming Jane and as the film has been out for a few weeks and it was an early evening screening, they were not surprised that there were just a dozen or so people in the cinema and that most of them were women.

The film was about halfway through when three black men entered and judging by their dress they were probably of African origin. Despite there being plenty of empty seats, they decided to seat them next to my colleagues. They didn’t look the sort that would be interested in chick flicks and my colleagues wondered if they were perhaps the Malawi branch of the Jane Austin Appreciation Society. Read more ›››

Birthday Custom and Practice

Today has brought enlightenment and swept away a few of my prejudices. It was my son’s birthday, and as is customary in our family, he got to choose how we would spend the day. So we found ourselves on our way to the cinema to see The Day After Tomorrow.

It wouldn’t have been my first choice, American disaster movies being mostly gushy nonsense. Read more ›››