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I did warn you

Clarkson on the EU and electricity: “How can it be that our MEPs have managed to homogenise a banana, yet they still allow each member state to offer a new and exciting way of getting electricity out of the wall?…. They launch the Euro, which means I won’t need a wallet that bulges with different currencies. Big deal. Yet they’ re happy to have me stomping around the Continent with… Read more


I nipped into Smith’s this lunchtime and fell upon this, the World According to Clarkson, the collected thought’s of Jeremy Clarkson as published in the Sunday Times from January 2001 to December 2003 in the Sunday Times.

I try to limit myself, but I’ve quoted him often enough here to demonstrate that I share quite a lot of Jezzer’s worldview and I will no doubt be inflicting more of his opinions upon you in the coming weeks. Read more ›››

This is getting to be a habit

Jeremy Clarkson on the BBC strike this week: Read more ›››