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Five’s Two Up Front

One of the great disappointments of the World Cup and the Dutch team, apart from their thuggish play, was their selfishness in not drawing their first group match against Denmark, thus depriving us of a footballing palindrome — NED 0 – 0 DEN — in the corner of the tv screen.

I suppose it would have depended on which channel you watched the match on as sometimes it is abbreviated as HOL for Holland and sometimes NED for Nederlands. Read more ›››

Clive Tyldesley is a *%&#

Just back from doing the weekly shop which was a bit of a breeze given that the FA Cup is going out live on ITV. It isn’t just that I didn’t fancy watching Chelsea doing the inevitable double, the main reason was to avoid the bloody inane drivel of the bloody inane Clive Tyldesley.

Unfortunately, Morrison’s was pretty quiet so I was home before half-time to hear Clive make a prat of himself right on cue. It was the Drogba shot that hit the bar and had Clive screaming that it was a goal. Read more ›››