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Slipped Disk

I take back what I said about the efficiency of the PC World helpline. It turns out that the operator who so confidently diagnosed a knackered motherboard was a fraud and a complete plank to boot.

Having taken a day off work, I waited until the afternoon for the engineer to turn up with a boxed motherboard under his arm, but as soon as he heard the pinging noises when the PC was switched on, he said, “That’s the hard drive. You’ve lost everything mate.” Read more ›››

Time on my Hands

I’ve just spent a few idle minutes watching Cyril the Squirrel’s acrobatics in our nextdoor neighbour’s garden. She has a hopper full of nuts for the birds hanging from her washing line. Cyril climbs to the top of the post, sets off walking the tightrope, then swings underneath, commando fashion, his tail acting as extra grip. A shuffle to the hopper, grab a nut and on to a tealight holder, drop to the grass and start again. Read more ›››

That Friday Feeling

Friday 13th arrived a couple of days early in the Parrot household. It started with an email from Mrs P telling me that my PC was making funny noises and had then come up with a ‘Serious System Error’ after which it stubbornly refused to move beyond the splash screen when switched on.

I rang the PC World helpline when I got home and apart from a ten to fifteen minute wait to get through, the service was pretty good. Martin , I think his name was, had me switch it on and I held the phone to the casing so he could hear the odd pinging noises it was making. We then did a POST (someone will have to remind me what that stands for) to check that it wasn’t a simple power problem, but it was no go. Read more ›››