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Ashes in the Rain

We were once on holiday on Santorini and had ridden a couple of hired mopeds to the beautiful village of Oia at the northern tip before following the road down the eastern side of the island. Except the road disappeared, or at least the tarmac did, and we found ourselves creeping carefully down a a rutted track. Read more ›››

“Ooh, Lanky, Lanky…”

Lancashire win the title

A sure sign that summer is coming to an end is a brief improvement in the weather and the final matches of the domestic cricket season.

On a personal level, it’s the time I remove the Cricinfo link from my favourites bar for another year, but at least I have done so with a smile on my face as Lancashire won their final match to become champions for the first time in 77 years. Read more ›››


Ronnie Corbett in Sorry

Hands up who remembers Ronnie Corbett in the sitcom Sorry? I thought not.

For the benefit of those who didn’t see it, the comedy ran for seven series from 1981 to 1989 and centred on 41 year old, mild mannered librarian, Timothy Lumsden, his domineering mother and henpecked father. Read more ›››

Shah of the Sahara

One of the things we’d promised ourselves while we were in Cape Town was to take in a match at Sahara Park, the famous Newlands test cricket ground which is where we were on Friday night.

It was a Pro 20 match between the Cape Cobras and the reigning champions, the Chevrolet Warriors from Port Elizabeth which the Cobras had to win for a place in the semi-finals. Read more ›››

Out of Flunter

Completely out of flunter. And it’s all because of the Ashes. Play didn’t start until midnight, UK time, and I promised myself that I would watch for maybe an hour or so before going to bed, but seldom managed to tear myself from the telly before 3am.

After five nights of this, I was feeling somewhat zombiefied. I held on last night willing Strauss to declare, but finally gave up with England 505-1 and a draw a certain outcome. Good match though. Read more ›››

Osama Bin Larwood

When I was messing around with the various images that appear above, the ones where the parrot appears somewhere, I really wanted to include one on a cricket theme. More specifically, the infamous Bodyline Ashes series of 1932/33.

I’ve always enjoyed cricket, although more as a spectator than a player. Playing the game is a little like war — long periods of mindnumbing tedium interspersed with short spells of gut-wrenching terror. Read more ›››

Psychic Cricket

I new it would happen eventually — I’m beginning to feel stuffed and overfaced by the orgy of sport on the telly this week. Having wall to wall World Cup and Wimbledon is like  a diet of burgers and strawberries and cream. A nice enough idea, but you’ll be craving salad and Ryvita before too long.

And so it is with the footie. I switch on the matches almost by remote control (literally really) but my mind starts wandering and I suddenly remember other things I should be doing. Like worming the dog or reading my horoscope. Read more ›››

Watermelon Mellow

I find that cricket commentators are far more interesting and worldly wise than there football counterparts. During a lull in play on TMS yesterday, Simon Mann wandered on to the subject of alcohol and how its consumption would increase the crows noise as the game progressed.

That lead to a lament about how you’re not allowed to take your own to the match these days and risk having it confiscated if you do. Phil Tuffnell chipped in with a one word solution — watermelons. Read more ›››