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Sin City

We were reminded of what a “scary” place Cape Town can be the very first weekend we were there. We had decided to walk up to the Rhodes Memorial on the slopes of Devil’s Peak, not far from where we were staying.

“Would you like to borrow a pepper spray?” asked our host with a look of concern. He then proceeded to tell us how groups of lowlifes were likely to pounce on unsuspecting tourists like us, especially those carrying decent looking cameras like mine. Read more ›››

The Fear of Crime

Do you know which European country has the highest crime rate? The Vatican City. There are around 1,000 crimes reported each year, or 1.25 instances per head of population. It also has the lowest age of consent and it is legal to have sex with a 12 year old.

The fact that it has such a large influx of tourists every day accounts for the former fact, mostly pick-pocketing and purse-snatching and since the majority of its 800 population are Roman Catholic priests then the less said about the latter, the better. Read more ›››

Caedmon’s Song

Generosity of spirit is a characteristic of the Methodist Church and one I am grateful for. There is many a bargain to be had from the local thrift shop, especially the range of books that I might have missed or wouldn’t have otherwise thought about reading.

One that spring to mind is Cecil Woodham-Smith’s The Reason Why, the 1953 account of the characters and events that lead to the Charge of the Light Brigade that all other accounts cite as source material. It is also a bloody good read. Read more ›››

Action This Day

Blimey, I know I was in a strop the other day, but I didn’t expect action so quickly. Well said that man.

Through the Looking Glass

You know, sometimes I hear stories and I wonder if I’ve stepped into a parallel universe where logic and common sense have been turned on their heads.

Take tonight. Mrs P was walking the remaining dog today and ran into a fellow dog-walker who had a horrid tale to tell. A few days ago, burglars smashed in his back door going after his (small) plasma tv. Read more ›››