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I Read it in the Daily Mail

My heart skipped a beat when I spotted this front page headline from yesterday’s Daily Mail. At last I thought, the Mail has owned up that most of the stuff in its Good Health supplement is a load of scaremongering rubbish.

Then my hopes were dashed by the secondary which explains that it’s actually health supplements that are a con, but then they can give you cancer you know… Read more ›››

Little Hitlers

Hitler Figure

I read this story the other day, tucked away on page 36 of the Daily Mail. Someone called Philip Fursman has been banned from selling the pictured model of Adolf Hitler on eBay because members are “not permitted to list items that contain propaganda or memorabilia with Nazi or SS markings”.

Mr Fursman said, “I quite agree that Hitler was a horrible individual but if you look at the model there are no SS markings on him.” Read more ›››

Curry’s Take Away

Curry's Paradox

I watched QI on Friday evening which featured Curry’s Paradox, as pictured left. Click it to enlarge, it’s an interesting one.

The various segments of the top triangle are rearranged to form the new triangle below which is exactly the same dimensions, and yet it is missing a square — it has been taken away. Read more ›››

New Face of Sky

Now we know why the Daily Mail has stuck the knife into Andy Gray — they’re lining up their own man for the lucrative £1.7 million a year job.

As reported today, Ambam the silverback has mastered walking upright without dragging his knuckles and is now working on his onscreen persona. Read more ›››

Glad Tidings We Bring

Christmas doesn’t half get in the way of blogging. I’ve hardly set two fingers on my keyboard over the festivities, not that there is much to write about except the obvious — ate too much, watched a lot of telly, got some presents, etc, etc.

And there isn’t much else to comment on. The media may not sleep over the holiday, but they do let the work experience students loose with the editor’s blue pencil and green eye-shade judging by the stories they cover. Read more ›››

Give us a Clue

Front page of the Daily Mail today on the Juicy Jeni affair: “What turned this public schoolgirl into Rooney’s £1,200 a night escort?” I think they’ll find 1,200 answers to that question in their own headline. Plus the 80,000 more rumoured to have been paid by the media for the her story.

Widgets, Plugins and Headers

The reason I’ve been very quiet lately is because I’ve been up to my eyes with my new work website. I use Artisteer to create the basis for the theme and the first version of their Wordpress 3.0 upgrade was released on Friday. It’s very good, but the file structure is very different to the previous version so I had to re-learn. Read more ›››

Underground Mail

This one is borrowed unashamedly from The Poke via Rikaitch.

Once I’d finished snickering, the sad truth hit me that this isn’t necessarily a joke.

Click on the image to supersize it. You’ll have to scroll down and right to close the lightbox. Read more ›››