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Labour Losership Election

I well remember where I was and what I was doing the day that David Miliband confessed to giving succour to the Taliban in Afghanistan. I was in my garden mowing the lawn on a warm August afternoon and listening to that despised organ of religious fundamental terrorism, Radio 4.

Miliband Major was speaking on Great Lives and his chosen subject was Joe Slovo, a communist and one of the leaders of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the military wing of the African National Congress that was declared a terrorist organisation by the South African and US governments in the early 1960s. Read more ›››

The Road to Hell

Deal or no deal?

What a difference a few days make. On Friday, the Daily Mail had a photo of David Cameron on its front page with the headline, “Hand me the keys to No10”.

By weekend, it talked of shabby deal-making when it became clear that he had to agree terms with Nick Clegg if he was to avoid having to lead a minority government. Read more ›››

Polly the Reformer

Nick Clegg has been banging on about reforming the UK elctoral system now that it looks as if the LibDems will have a bit of clout in a hung parliament. Most of the systems being talked about sound a bit complicated to me — single transferable votes, party lists, additional member systems etc.

We have enough trouble getting people bothered enough to put a simple X against one name, let alone perming any three from six. Read more ›››

Turkey Falls Fowl

Yet another FFS* headline from today’s Daily Mail. (*Where the first F= for and S= sake) Bird Flu: Is Turkey Safe for Holidays? FFS, how often have you come up close and personal with poultry when on your hols?

At least the flapping around, clucking and sneezing sort and not one served up with a cream and mushroom sauce. Zero I’d care to bet, though if you’re up close etc for an even more personal reason, well that’s between you and the RSPCA. Read more ›››

Truth Hurts

Our health secretary John Reid has got himself in trouble for suggesting that, for single mums on council sink estates, smoking might be their only pleasure. Not the wisest thing for him to say, but only because it brings out the worst in our national trait that says ‘the poor must change because it’s good for them’ which liberal attitude has failed for more than a century. Read more ›››

Smugness is as smugness does

A new look for the ‘Parrot.’ Thought I would take advantage of the templates from Blogger site. I’m not totally convinced about the black look and the new template still needs some tweaking. I’m even less convinced by the personal profile section – why is me being a Scorpio important, unless you’re Mystic Meg?

Reap as You Sow

The UK government today approved the growing of our first genetically modified crops. Or ‘Frankenstein Foods’ as Daily Mail readers would know it. (Interesting image that conjures up – giant sticks of rhubarb, or whatever, clumping round the countryside, terrorising torch-waving peasants and befriending sweet little crippled girls. Gives a whole new meaning to the road sign ‘Heavy Plant Crossing.’ And while we’re on the subject, just why did Frankenstein give his monster great big metal boots? Did he have a career in deep-sea diving in mind for his creation?) Read more ›››

Pot Calls Kettle Blackarse

Labour MP Nick Palmer has run foul of the Mail on Sunday. Having shopped Tory MP Ann Winterton for telling a rather unfunny joke about the Chinese cocklers drowned at Morecambe Bay that led to her being sacked by her party, the MoS took its revenge for damaging one of their own by exposing Palmer as a “hypocrite” for sharing email jokes poking fun at Islam. Read more ›››