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David Beckhomme

David Beckham

Is it just me or does anyone else find this ad for Homme by David Beckham a bit odd?

David hasn’t had a shave.

It’s like Matt Lucas advertising TRESemmé, natural tanning products by David Dickinson or L’Oréal by Ann ‘Beacuse I’m Worth It’ Widdecombe. Read more ›››

Ruud Gesture

I may be shinning out onto a limb here, but I don’t believe Ruud van Nistelrooy is heading for Real Madrid this summer. His whole body language after Man U’s FA Cup Final win said, “I’m part of this,”; not “So long, and thanks for all the dosh.” Certainly not like David Beckham’s last game at Old Trafford when everything about him said he wasn’t coming back. Read more ›››

Scotland the Brave

Well done Scotland. A 1-0 against Lithuania may not sound much, but it gets them into the play-offs for the European Championships next year. And won by Man U’s Darren Fletcher.

I’m not one of those Englishmen who takes pleasure in Scots losing (unless it’s against England.) Must be my Scots roots, my mum’s Binnie family having moved south about 1890. The difference between this and my Yorkshire ancestors (of which there are many) is that I always knew the former and the latter only of late. Read more ›››