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Putting the “Why?” in DIY

They’ve opened a new Homebase just down the road from where we live and I fear the worst for Chez Polly. The problem is that I’m not very good at making or mending things with ‘D’ in DIY standing for Damage, Dent, Destroy, Disintegrate or Depreciate in my case.

We’ve only been spared the worst excesses and expense of my efforts at home improvement because it always involved a 30/40 minute drive to and from B&Q Read more ›››

Back Pain

I was unfortunately right about the dangers of DIY stores. Having lugged round that humungous bag of compost yesterday, I woke up at about 3am with pains across my lower back. I think I did when trying to wrestle the bag out of the supermarket-style trolley into the car that nearly saw me, it and the trolley falling into the boot.

Sleep was impossible as every time I moved, the pain woke me up again, so eventually I got up at around 5.30 and hobbled round the house for a while before work. Read more ›››

Dangers of DIY

Bloody dangerous places are DIY stores, like the B&Q; superstore I visited this morning. (That’s an aerial view of the place on the left, by which you can tell that I’m still enjoying playing with Google Earth.

(Click on it for a larger version, if you’re interested.) Read more ›››

If the Tap Fits

Basic research is what I’m doing when I don’t know what I’m doing,” said Wernher von Braun. In my case, replace the word ‘research’ with ‘DIY’ and you have a clue — I am bloody useless.

I’m not quite sure how. My dad is an engineer and has made things. Out of metal. My best effort was a soldered together Maltese Cross shaped ashtray in metalwork when I was 12 and I have left the practical stuff behind me ever since. Read more ›››

Onward and Upward

For someone with a morbid fear of heights, Pat did a great job of clambering 20 feet up a ladder at the front of our house to fill a hole in the mortar work today. It had been letting in the rain and there is a damp patch in our bathroom. Read more ›››