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Come Fly With Me 2

Well, aren’t I becoming a bit of a high-flyer? Today was my second flight to London in less than a week, although the outward journey was more like life in the bus-lane.

Everything seemed to be going swimmingly at first. I got to the airport in good time, checked in and then over to Costa’s for a coffee. I got to the desk at 6.45 just as they were announcing boarding and was in my seat and buckled in just before. “Great,” I thought, “Looks like we’re more or less on time. Wrong. Read more ›››

Who on earth can get lost on a train?

Well me actually. As mentioned on Tuesday, I was packed off on a plane to London yesterday, rising at 5am to arrive at MIA early as requested (complete with passport — not looked at) only to be delayed by an hour because of fog down in the Metrollops, though why the 6.30 flight left pretty much on time I can’t say.

Anyway, I arrived at the London City Airport a little after 9am and jumped on the special bus to take me to Canning Town tube station wondering why I was the only passenger. As I stood on the platform waiting for my train I got my answer. The tannoy blared, “We’re pleased to announce that the Docklands Light Railway extension to the City Airport is now open.” Read more ›››