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Call Waiting

I thought my number was up today. I was driving to work along a very familiar road, one that was once a broad, easy to negotiate lane through one the most deprived areas of Manchester that takes me past the magnificent St Francis Monastery that is in the process of rebirth.

I say ‘once’ because the city council, in its wisdom, has recently installed traffic calmers. That’s speed bumps to thee and me, plus bits of pavement sticking out either side to narrow the road and making it just about negotiable for two cars travelling in opposite directions. Read more ›››

Go Ahead Punk

Mrs P’s nephew J is a regular visitor to Chez Polly on weekdays. He arrived the other day a little shaken, the reason being that he had been intimidated by one of the many scumbags who haunt our roads, even in daylight.

The thing is that J is a very careful driver who always stays within the speed limits which obviously got the backs up of the three toerags in the car behind him as he left the motorway. Read more ›››

Hard Rain

I quite like rain. Not surprising for someone from the Rainy City who is precipitously aware, but I genuinely like it. It’s the stuff of life and nothing drives it home better than the sopping suit of civilisation failing to protect us from the uncertainty of the weather.

I should have an umbrella, of course, but despite Manchester’s reputation, I’ve never really had need of one. Ignore the stereotype — it doesn’t rain that much in the city. The last one I owned whipped inside out and fell to bits and ended up in a bin on a windy trip to Bolton last January. Read more ›››

Last Post

Fanfare of trumpets, a roll on the drums….. I had to post a letter today. A full and frank confession that I had indeed put the denizens of Warrington at risk by driving at 46mph on a 40mph dual carriageway to be precise.

Apart from the sudden realisation that I am a dangerous desperado and a menace on the Queen’s highway, the process flagged up two other things. First, that my handwriting is atrocious as I struggled to fill in the form. It wasn’t great to start with, but since all my ‘writing’ these days is almost exclusively by keyboard it has totally gone to pot. Read more ›››

Oh What a Tangled Web we Weave

A bizarre story on the front page of tonight’s MEN about an apparently well-off couple who went to elaborate lengths to avoid two £60 speeding fines (or the penalty points) including flying out to Bulgaria to send a postcard back to corroborate their story.

A pair of plonkers to be sure, but you have to admire their imagination and persistence in supporting their fairy tale. Read more ›››

Wallet Haemorrhage

It’s been rather an expensive 24 hours. I got home last night to find that Mrs P had been to ABC or XYZ or whatever the furniture company is called to order the new sofa I was blathering on about last week. Should arrive the week before Christmas which must mean that the wood they’ll use is still a tree and the wool growing on the sheep. Read more ›››


I witnessed my first flasher today. No, not the sort illustrated left — that’s just there to make you think this post is juicier than normal — mine was spotted in my car’s rear view mirror as a speed trap camera did that little flicker to reduce redeye, then the full on flash to snap my numberplate.

44 em-pee-aitch in a 40 zone on a clear A49 in Warrington which seems a tad harsh. Read more ›››

An Arresting Idea

My test for what is a really good idea is if I find myself thinking why hasn’t someone thought of this before — it’s so obvious. Take the story today of the zapper — a device to prevent dangerous high-speed police car chases by using technology against itself.

There was a time when most people, mainly men, could happily tinker away under the bonnet of their cars: changing spark plugs, adjusting points, fitting air and oil filters etc, or even a new engine if they were really ambitious. Read more ›››