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There was a cracking news item on Radio Five tonight, although I haven’t found any way of verifying it yet. Apparently the police (I didn’t catch where) suspected the occupants of a house of drug-dealing.

Instead of using one of those mini-battering rams to splinter the door frame, they dressed up in winter togs and rolled up outside pretending to be carol singers, complete with sniffer dog. They simply stood there giving them all five verses of “We Three Kings” until the door opened when they whipped out their warrant cards and stab-proof vests and raided the place. Read more ›››

A Stoned Moss Gathers no Role-modelling

Kate Moss has obviously upset someone. Big style. Someone important in the media to judge by the way the red-tops are going for her throat.

Not that I carry a candle for her, or a pilot light come to that. Vacuous coathanger springs to mind and as far as role-models go, well I’m more than happy to say she isn’t one Miss P has chosen, with or without drug-taking. And as for the apology, the stable door is shut. All she has to do now is round up the bolted horses. Read more ›››