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Old Hall Chapel Part II

As promised yesterday, above is another composite photo taken at Dukinfield Old Hall Chapel yesterday. It is made up of six different shots, but I’ve still to get to grips with the ‘stitching’ software to cover the sometimes obvious joins.

In this case, it was the sky to the right which was noticeably lighter than in the centre and you can tell where I’ve removed the line. Read more ›››

D is for Duck

Or rather the ducks plural that gave the town of Dukinfield its name and where I grew up, or as grown up as I’ve ever managed to get.

Dukinfield means the ‘open land of the ducks’ from the Old English duce and feld. There is another theory that it translates as ‘field of the raven’ from the Norse, daken, and that the Vikings were defeated in battle here, but this has been largely dismissed. Read more ›››