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K is for Killings

Not entirely the gruesome subject you might expect. The subjects come from the area where I live and grew up and the first example shows that killings can be commercial as well as violent.

William Kenyon and Son was a company established in Dukinfield in 1866 to take advantage of the cotton driving rope which distributed power from a single steam engine across several floors of a cotton mill through a series of pulleys. Read more ›››

Old Hall Chapel

Today was the last of the Open Heritage Days and, as I did last year, I joined the walk to Dukinfield Old Hall Chapel which is inaccessible at any other time of the year because it sits in the middle of Bardsley Construction’s secure business premises.

My plan was to get some more photos that could be ‘stitched’ together to paint a broader canvas. Above is my first attempt which just about works. There is another angle I’m working on that isn’t nearly as successful so far. As Eric Morecambe didn’t say, you can see the join. Read more ›››

D is for Duck

Or rather the ducks plural that gave the town of Dukinfield its name and where I grew up, or as grown up as I’ve ever managed to get.

Dukinfield means the ‘open land of the ducks’ from the Old English duce and feld. There is another theory that it translates as ‘field of the raven’ from the Norse, daken, and that the Vikings were defeated in battle here, but this has been largely dismissed. Read more ›››