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E is for Elephant

Addo Elephant

I wrote about our elephant spotting endeavours under A is for Addo, but I didn’t reveal all because I had to save something for E is for Elephant.

As I mentioned back then, we had trouble spotting any elephants in the vastness of the Addo National Park until by good fortune we came across a matriarchal group with their youngsters. Read more ›››

E is for Elephant

Here is a photo of an elephant in our garden. I’ve cheated by knocking back the colour to make it less like grass and more savannah-like, but I’m kidding no-one. The elephant statue actually stands about six inches tall and belongs to my son.

I’m not sure where it was made, possibly China, but whoever designed it probably created it from an amalgam of images. It has the ceremonial dress of an Indian elephant, minus the howdah, but the large ears and tusks of its African cousin. Read more ›››