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A is for Albion

Albion is the ancient name for Great Britain, although it is often use as a poetic synonym for England.

Some people are unaware of its meaning, even though it is commemorated in the names of football teams, West Bromwich Albion and Brighton and Hove Albion, churches and pubs, like the one pictured left in Hyde, near where I live. Read more ›››

As Good as a Mile

I’ve seen the ‘they think it’s all over…’ video of the 1966 final several times over recent weeks and was struck by a ‘what if?’ question that hadn’t occurred to me before. What if Tofik Bakhramov hadn’t given that third England goal in extra-time? Read more ›››

Flying the Flag

No posts for a few days because I’ve been busy on other things, still to do with the blog. Not least, I’ve changed the layout so that there are two sidebars so that I can give more prominence to my links, especially Polly’s Crackers. Read more ›››

Superstition Ain’t the Way

Among the upmty-seven hours of continuous radio coverage ahead of England’s match with Slovenia today, there was an interview with Clive Woodward on how he would advise them to prepare. Towards the end he was asked if he had any pre-match superstitions and he said that no, he wasn’t a superstitious person.

Except that he always sat at the front of the coach on the way to the match. On the left. And he was always the last to get off the coach when they arrived because he insisted on shaking the hand of every player as they got off. So not very superstitious at all then. Read more ›››

Saturday Soundtrack

I would dearly love to find a recording of the verion of the MOTD theme used by Danny Baker to introduce and play out his Saturday and Wednesday World Cup shows from SA on BBC FiveLive. It has a calming jauntiness that the country needs right now after the dismal showing last night, but despite my best Googling I haven’t been able to track it down. Read more ›››

What was I Saying?

Longest day? Longest night more like. England vs Croatia Euro 2004 and all we need is a draw to get into the quarter-finals. Croatia take the lead with a soft goal (usual poor marking at a set-piece) and then in the last five minutes, a super header from Paul Scholes and then an unbelievable goal by the much hyped Wayne Rooney.

I’m writing this at the said break in play. Mrs Parrot sticks by her 3-1 prediction. Me, I’m mopping sweat from my brow. 45 minutes to go, and I’m hoarse already. Read more ›››


There’s an excellent email doing the rounds in the wake of England’s late, late defeat by France at Euro 2004. It goes like this:

It’s just been reported that one of the French football players has failed a drugs and alcohol test after the match. Read more ›››

No Brainer

What is the worst pain? Childbirth? Gout? Kidney stones? No, it’s the hangover as far as I’m concerned. That moment when you wake in the morning, hazy recollections of the drink from the previous night, and you know, know for certain, that the moment you open your eyes a power drill will enter one temple and exit the other. So it was this morning. Read more ›››