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Hooligan Nation

Good plan for Portugal. If the English fans misbehave, the team gets thrown out. Let’s study it in detail.

1. You must control your fans, or else! F.A. responds — tickets sold in the UK only to members of the supporters’ club; proof of I.D.; names etc on the tickets. Problem solved? Nah. Read more ›››

You Heard it Here First

Radio 5 has finally woken up the fact that rather a lot of people are driving round with the Flag of St George on their cars, or two in most cases, something I commented on about two weeks ago. There were reporters out carrying a rather unscientific survey of how many cars were so festooned, followed by an hour long phone-in. Forget the Beeb — remember you read it here first! Read more ›››

Gridlock Sweet Chariot

My stars, but didn’t the English public turn out in their hundreds of thousands to welcome back our rugby teams. Welcome back? They actually arrived home over a week ago and were mobbed at Heathrow, even though it was about four in the morning. Read more ›››

Losing It

The funniest part of England’s victory on Saturday was the presentations to the Australians. It wasn’t that I enjoyed seeing some Aussie disappointment (okay, maybe a little bit), it was the manner in which it was done. Dr Syd Millar, chairman of the IRB, haphazardly hung the medals round the necks of the first few players, and by the end of the line he was more or less chucking the medals at them. You could almost hear him saying, “Put the bloody things on yourselves! Read more ›››

Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Well, the tension is beginning to mount as we are less than 24 hours from England (hopefully) winning the Rugby World Cup in the Aussies’ own back yard!

Sometimes are think the Aussies are right calling us “whinging poms” judging some of the things that have been said about England’s game against France last week. “Boring kicking game” moaned the critics, but they’ve obviously never played rugby. I have and in torrential rain when passing the ball was like passing a bar of soap. Read more ›››


England did it, but only just against Turkey.


Sorry, I should have introduced myself. My name is Ian and I live in Stockport in north west England. Married with two kids and a mortgage.

My age? Well let’s just say that if I were to have a mid-life crisis, it would happen about now. Read more ›››