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I’m Walking South Easterly for Christmas

I know it’s hard to tell from my ramblings here, but I’m very fond of language, by which I mean the English language of course. I studied Latin in my first years at school, but haven’t managed to retain much beyond hic est puer and haec est puella. I fared a little better at French, although I was never what you might call fluent.

Later I opted for German and found it not unlike Latin, ie impenetrable. In the words of Jerome K Jerome, “I learned it at school, but forgot every word of it two years after I had left, and have felt much better ever since.” Read more ›››

Who’d ‘a thowt it

One of the highlights of my week is watching QI on tv on Thursday. It’s a quiz show hosted by Stephen Fry and the questions are absurdly difficult, but the answers incredibly enlightening in a font of useless knowledge sort of way.

For example, last night I learned that Charles Dickens invented the word boredom in his novel, Bleak House. Read more ›››