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The Power of Blogging

I stumbled downstairs in the dark this morning prior to running Miss P to her Saturday job and there it was — a neatly wrapped parcel in front of my computer screen. A book obviously from the feel of it and the one I wanted, Eric Sykes’ autobiography, If I Don’t Write It Nobody Else Will. Read more ›››

Arise Sir Eric

I got round to listening to “Eric at 80” having wazzed Sunday’s BBC7 show onto CD to play in the car. Priceless memories that have whetted my appetite for his autobiography. I won’t repeat the stories here, except for two.

First, his scriptwriting for Frankie Howerd which came out of the blue and Sykes sat down and wrote the first sketch for him there and then in the dressing-room. It centred on Frankie’s first job as a messenger boy who had to take two elephants from London to Crewe. Read more ›››

Cerise Sky

After much waiting with bated breath, Eric Sykes’ autobiography, “If I Don’t Write It Nobody Else Will…”, has hit the shops. I’m no great reader of biographies as a rule, but this is one I’ll make an exception for, as I know will Blognor Regis.

The man is a comedy legend of the sort we don’t seem to produce any more and, I dare to say, greater than the (rightly) much-lauded Ronnie Barker who died earlier this week. Read more ›››