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Greece is the word, is the word…

It’s a pity I’m not a betting man or I could have got odds of 11/1 on Greece beating France 1-0 last night. I don’t think they’d even won a match in a major competition before and here they are in the semi-finals. Perhaps God (or gods — work out which one you are) is Greek. Read more ›››

Conspiracy Theory

The Italians are totally convinced that Denmark and Sweden will organise a Scandavanian stitch-up by drawing 2-2 to guarantee they both go through to the quarter-finals at the Latins expense.

Of course, they deny it, but the Italian tv station, RAI has set up extra cameras at the game to capture proof of any shenanigins. Read more ›››

What was I Saying?

Longest day? Longest night more like. England vs Croatia Euro 2004 and all we need is a draw to get into the quarter-finals. Croatia take the lead with a soft goal (usual poor marking at a set-piece) and then in the last five minutes, a super header from Paul Scholes and then an unbelievable goal by the much hyped Wayne Rooney.

I’m writing this at the said break in play. Mrs Parrot sticks by her 3-1 prediction. Me, I’m mopping sweat from my brow. 45 minutes to go, and I’m hoarse already. Read more ›››


There’s an excellent email doing the rounds in the wake of England’s late, late defeat by France at Euro 2004. It goes like this:

It’s just been reported that one of the French football players has failed a drugs and alcohol test after the match. Read more ›››

We Woz Robbed

The flag of St George in our garden was hanging limp and forlorn this morning, not surprising after the way England lost to France last night, reminiscent of the way Man U scored two very late goals to beat Bayern in 1999.

The joke then was: Why do women love German footballers? — Because they can stay on top for 90 minutes and still come second. The same could be said of the English team, except it sounds even less funny now than it did then. Read more ›››

No Brainer

What is the worst pain? Childbirth? Gout? Kidney stones? No, it’s the hangover as far as I’m concerned. That moment when you wake in the morning, hazy recollections of the drink from the previous night, and you know, know for certain, that the moment you open your eyes a power drill will enter one temple and exit the other. So it was this morning. Read more ›››

A Figo of the Player he once was

One of the things I was looking forward to was watching Luis Figo, a great player — skill beyond belief — and the opening match against Greece must be his perfect stage. Except it wasn’t.

Portugal crashed 2-1 against Greece, and the latter deserved their win, taking the game to the Portuguese who seemed to expect a sterile, cagey match, to be met with some very direct, attacking play and doughty defence. Read more ›››

Hooligan Nation

Good plan for Portugal. If the English fans misbehave, the team gets thrown out. Let’s study it in detail.

1. You must control your fans, or else! F.A. responds — tickets sold in the UK only to members of the supporters’ club; proof of I.D.; names etc on the tickets. Problem solved? Nah. Read more ›››