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Stay at Homes

A new website launched today that I can’t wait to have a look at, it’s Surname Profiler. I say can’t wait because the traffic is so heavy that you can’t get on it. What it will do when you can get on is give you a map of of the prevalence of any given surname across the country, comparing the 1881 with 1998.

You can read more about it at the Beeb, but what it does show is that despite what we think about increasing economic migration, the geographical spread of surnames is not dissimilar to what it was over a century ago — ie yes we know family who’ve gone off to uni and never came back or took jobs in other parts of the country, but the majority of us tend to stay put. Read more ›››


Yes I know it’s an odd title, but that was the first image that entered my head when the phone rang today. This woman introduced herself and then said, “I’m a headhunter.” Visions of little loin-clothed blokes in Borneo skulking round the bushes ready to gob a poisoned dart in my direction.

I haven’t been headhunted in ever such a long time. Someone actively seeking me out to apply for a job. I’m not kidding myself that I’m the only one she spoke to, but it’s flattering nonetheless. Read more ›››