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The Bigger Picture ™

I was watching the Arsenal and Man City game on the telly last night. It was a pretty dull affair and I was idling my time thinking about the difference between watch a match live at the ground or on the box when it suddenly occurred to me how tv coverage could be improved.

It happened in the first half when Gareth Barry launched a long pass from the middle of the park to the left wing. I assumed he must have seen something I hadn’t and as the camera followed the ball I found I was right because there was not a blue or red shirt in sight. Read more ›››

Say a Little Prayer

Blessed are the keepers who come for crosses and shout a lot.

Blessed are they who tackle back.

Blessed are the makers of runs and chasers of lost causes.

Blessed are the dead-ball specialists. Read more ›››

Queen Sent Off in Extra Time

Currently reading An Utterly Exasperated History of Modern Britain by John O’Farrell, an entertaining and informative reminder of history that I actually lived through. I’m up to 1966 and the general lack of interest and jingoistic euphoria until the final at Wembley: Read more ›››

Who Are Yer?

HeeHee! There is a God and he ain’t a Gooner, but is in his place in northern footie heaven. The Beeb link is to be added later (give them time to rewrite their copy.) No, I’m not a pie-eater, but I knew I should have put money on ’em with five minutes to go — Wigan AFC are/is probably the best late goal specialists in the Premiership at the moment, even including my lot it has to be said. Read more ›››

Always Give a Sucker an Even Break

I bar blogging about footie as a rule. Well, when you’re a ManU fan, all you do is alienate the readership (as much as it is) like Mosh and Mike for example. So I was tempted, but resisted on Sunday, when we stuffed Chelsea 1-0.

It was that footie cliché, “the crowd sucked it into the net” that prompted this post, that and a photo in the paper. Read more ›››

Footie Philosopher

I always enjoyed watching Steve Coppel as a player and listening to his measured, thoughtful comments after the game, so I glad that he is doing well as manager of Reading Read more ›››

Lost Poles

There are quite few Polish footie supporters around town at the moment ahead of the match tonight. Nothing surprising in that, except that two or three groups I saw were on foot heading for the City of Manchester Stadium. Either they were on a pilgrimage to this footballing mecca or they were a) very early for the match and b) at the wrong stadium.

Dive, dive, dive!

I cannot believe all the fuss and bother on the sports pages yesterday – football players diving? How shocking. Robert Pires of Arsenal taking a tired tumble in the box, and similar by Kevin Phillips for Southampton? And the point is? Non-footie fans look away now.

It was ever thus. Weren’t Franny Lee and Jurgen Klinsmann both known as the ‘sub’, not because he started the game on the bench, but for their diving antics? There may be some out there who recall a ‘pure’ game, played by gentlemen who would always set a fallible referee right, that they tripped, and it wasn’t the clumsy defender who tipped them over. Yeah, right. Read more ›››