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Jam Tomorrow

Virtue is its own reward we’re told, but once in a while it has it’s more tangible recompense as I found the other day.

Our elderly neighbour has an apricot tree that overhangs our garden in the direction of the sun and it was becoming loaded with fruit that were beginning to fall. Read more ›››

Rogue Carrots

There’s nothing worse than a vegetable gone bad. Not just the smelly, squishy, forgotten onion or the blackened, eye-sprouting potato, but vegetables that run riot.

I’m used to carrying a dibber in my pocket when mowing the lawn, ready to dig up any dandelion or buttercup that dares poke its head out of the grass. And Mrs P fights an ongoing battle against the brambles, raspberry canes and knotweed that like to squat in the flowerbeds. But we’ve never been invaded by root vegetables before. Read more ›››

Grass in a Box

My nephew is planning to replace someone’s lawn. Sorry, “replacing” is the wrong word as it suggests he has some remaining grass work with when what he is faced with is an overgrown garden stuffed with weeds or bare earth.

He was a bit put off by the cost of buying turf and wondered whether simply seeding it would work, albeit not quite the instant result he was looking for. Read more ›››

Show us yer tits

A blue tit fledgling managed to get itself lost when it fell onto our lawn instead of safely hiding away in the conifer tree where it had been nesting. Mrs P was able to pick it up and return it before a cat got to it.

The family had chosen a miserable day to leave home and there were at least six youngsters sheltering from the rain like little balls of fluff. They didn’t object to me getting close, although mum whizzed past my ear just as I took the photo above and I left them alone after that. Read more ›››

One-legged Man at Butt Kicking Contest

Lord knows we try to do our bit for the environment, but I’m not sure the environment is paying much attention.

Every day I look up into the sky to see if our bit of the ozone layer is thickening up at all with no noticeable effect. Mind you, it’s hard to tell through the clouds and when your glasses are blurred with raindrops. Read more ›››