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Blame Blatter

I  used to have quite strong views about the introduction of goal-line technology in footie, but after events today, I am having to reconsider.

That Lampard shot definitely crossed the line. I could see it clearly and I was sat 6,000 miles away from Bloemfontein. (5,957.435 miles to be exact) The players could see it, the crowd could see it. The only two people who couldn’t were the ref and linesman. Read more ›››

Flying the Flag

No posts for a few days because I’ve been busy on other things, still to do with the blog. Not least, I’ve changed the layout so that there are two sidebars so that I can give more prominence to my links, especially Polly’s Crackers. Read more ›››

Krank als ein Papagei

I’m pleased to see that the British Embassy in Berlin has got its act together before next year’s World Cup by setting up a fans’ website.

And it’s not as stuffy as you might expect and includes some funny football quotes and an extract of typical phrases tanslated into German, although I had to go to this translation site for my ‘sick as a parrot’ heading above. Read more ›››