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I have been a quiet Parrot of late. No cloth has been thrown over the cage unless you count the new specs that switch to black on contact with sunlight. I’m looking forward to my peril-sensitive pair.

When I don’t write, it means I’ve nothing to write about. This is unusual as I can usually scrape up something. So the last few days probably means I am brain-dead, apart from the odd low spike on the ECG. Read more ›››

20/20 (ish, very ish)

I was in Specsavers this evening getting fitted up for a new pair of glasses. It was my first eye test for three years, but I had to pop in there last week to have the (tiny) screws on my present pair tightened (nothing worse than wobbly goggles) and I realised that if anything happened to ’em, I’d be totally stuffed.

So I booked an eye test. I did so reluctantly because I hate ’em. It’s not the test itself. Answering whether one set of letters looks more or less blurry is subjective, but since I am the subject I only have myself to blame if I get it wrong. Read more ›››