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Blame Blatter

I  used to have quite strong views about the introduction of goal-line technology in footie, but after events today, I am having to reconsider.

That Lampard shot definitely crossed the line. I could see it clearly and I was sat 6,000 miles away from Bloemfontein. (5,957.435 miles to be exact) The players could see it, the crowd could see it. The only two people who couldn’t were the ref and linesman. Read more ›››

Deal with it, get over it, move on

Blimey. You’d think with all the troubles in the world that there would be more important things to worry about other than THAT goal that wasn’t a goal at Old Trafford last night. But Radio Five has been banging on about it all day.

I suspect there wouldn’t have been quite so much fuss if it had been ABU (Anyone But United) given the conspiracy theorists belief that all referees, linesmen and fourth officials all wear red shirts beneath the black. Human error by the officials is part of what makes the game great and gives us something to bleat about win, lose or draw. Read more ›››