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G is for Groote Schuur

Groote Schuur is the hidden gem of Cape Town which is rather an odd thing to say about the official residence of the president of South Africa.

We knew that the former home of Cecil Rhodes existed because it is mentioned in the travel guides, but none of the locals we spoke to knew of it. In fact, more often than not, they not thought I was talking about the hospital of the same name where Christiaan Barnard performed the world’s first heart-transplant. Read more ›››

Great Granary to Stately Home

One of the many highlights of our time in Cape Town was our private tour of Groote Schuur, home of Cecil John Rhodes which he bequeathed to the nation as the official residence for the country’s leaders.

What is odd is that it is not really on the list of sights to see in the city and odder still that most of the locals we spoke to were only vaguely aware of its existence and that it was possible to visit, especially as the confirmation email said: Read more ›››

Groote Schuur

Mention Groote Schuur to a Capetonian and chances are they will think you are talking about the hospital where Christiaan Barnard carried the first heart transplant in 1967.

The original house and estate that gives the area its name is apparently ignored, which is odd since it was once the home of Cecil Rhodes who gifted it to the nation as a residence for the state leaders from 1910 to Jacob Zuma today, plus 18 of his cabinet colleagues. Read more ›››