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Take This Lollipop

I was rather grumpy about the whole Hallowe’en business yesterday, even omitting the apostrophe, which isn’t like me.

I should point out that I’ve done my share of pumpkin carving in the past, when the kids were small, and we usually get in some trick or treat sweets for any young ghouls or witches who might call. Read more ›››

The moon laughs and whispers

I can’t be alone in wondering whether the commercialisation of Halloween is such a good idea. Kids knocking on your door demanding money with menaces, accompanied by parents who appear to have been reluctantly torn away from Strictly Come Dancing.

But my general Bah! Pumpkin grumpiness might be quelled if only they could get the bloody date right. Read more ›››

Ban the Bob

Having a birthday at the end of October, the party games when I was a youngster tended to have a Halloween theme. One of the most popular was dry-bobbing for apples.

This involved hanging apples from a door lintel by string tied to their stalks. To win the game, you had to take a bite out of one while holding you hands behind you back. And bloody difficult it was too. About the only way to do it was to find a way to pin it to the doorway so it would stay still long enough to take a bite. Read more ›››

Inner Child

The thing about growing older is that you don’t necessarily grow up. I suspect that there is a moment in your life when you hit your peak sensible responsibility. Sadly I must have been asleep and missed it.

We all have an inner child, of course. That wheedling voice inside that says: “Dad, can I have..” The problem is that you are both Dad and child, it is all too easy to give in. Read more ›››