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Ban the Bob

Having a birthday at the end of October, the party games when I was a youngster tended to have a Halloween theme. One of the most popular was dry-bobbing for apples.

This involved hanging apples from a door lintel by string tied to their stalks. To win the game, you had to take a bite out of one while holding you hands behind you back. And bloody difficult it was too. About the only way to do it was to find a way to pin it to the doorway so it would stay still long enough to take a bite. Read more ›››

Health Warneing

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy reckons that the workplace is becoming a more dangerous place. Not the workplace where you have to earn a crust by gambolling about high up on scaffolding, nor by playing giddy kippers with the sort of heavy machinery that can have your arm off.

Certainly not by going underground to hew coal with several thousand tons of rock wedged precariously overhead, not since that nice Mrs Thatcher put the safety of her workers first and the needs of big business second by closing all the pits. Read more ›››