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Health and Efficiency

I hadn’t expected to be able to write much about my impressions of health service in South Africa, but then neither had I expected Mrs P to injure herself quite badly while we there.

It was one of those stupid accidents. We’d been at a local eatery one early evening halfway through the holiday and Mrs P missed her footing on a step and fell heavily against the back rest of another diner’s wooden chair. Read more ›››


One of the things about being off work is that you get to listen to some of the bizarre drivel that passes for national debate. This morning there was a Five Live phone-in about alcohol and whether we should increase its cost to cut down binge drinking and lawlessness on our city streets.

There is no point rehearsing the many fatuous arguments, but I was struck by the spokesman for the Libertarian Alliance who was one of the most bombastic, unpleasant people I’ve heard for a while. Anyway, to quote from their own website: Read more ›››

Worlds Apart

I got roped into our Freedom of Information working group today. In principle, this is a great idea, in practice it will be a nightmare to implement. Briefly, what it means is that anyone, anywhere in the world, can request what information we have on any given subject. So far, so good.

The problem is that to do this, you need to know what files your organisation “possesses”. I put that in quotes because in our case, this doesn’t just mean the files we have, but those we inherited from the six former health authorities and before them, the regional health authority and district health authorities going way back, probably to 1974. In other words, a mountain of paper. Read more ›››