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Midget Gems

Carpet Beaters

This is one of favourite weekends of the year – the Heritage Open Days – when all sorts of places with links to the past open their doors for free.

And before you say anything, it isn’t the ‘free’ bit that is the main attraction. It’s just that the weekend is a reminder to visit places those places on your doorstep that you otherwise drive past. Read more ›››

Normal Service

My Street

If I am a regular visitor to your blog, you may have noticed my absence in recently days and for that I apologise.

I have been busy with a number of projects since Wednesday, including putting together a website for a friend who is involved in running the Chadkirk Dog Training Club. (Please visit the site as it will help boost their Google ranking!) Read more ›››

Tread the Boards Gently

In an age when no new building is designed to have a useful life beyond a couple of decades, it is all the more sad when others that where built to last are left to fall into ruin. Such is the case with the Theatre Royal in Hyde which I was able to visit today as part of the Open Heritage Days.

It was built in 1902 as a full-size professional theatre. It seated 1,120 people on three levels — the stalls, the circle and the gods — and each level had its own entrance, stairs and ticket office. Where you sat reflected in the price of a ticket and your station in life, the wealthy in the circle, the middling class in the stalls and the hoi polloi in the gods. Read more ›››