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We always plan to light every time we go away, but it never seems to work that way. There is always something else t0 throw in the packing “just in case.”

For me, the problem is books. I have this mini library of titles that I must get round to reading some day and holidays always seem like the prefect opportunity. But I have to have a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction because I don’t know what reading mood I’ll be in and the upshot is I end up taking more books than I can possibly read in the time available. Read more ›››

You Have to Smile

Bliss! A few days off work that I’ve spent getting my head round some family history stuff and filling out the shrub that is my wife’s grandmother’s lot. Some very successful searches yesterday and most of today spent entering the results.

But I had to stop to register this: Radio Five on the bloke who dressed as a suicide bomber at the weekend, now found to have a conviction for dealing crack cocaine. I missed who it was they were interviewing, possibly his dad, but it went something like this: Read more ›››

Reality Imitating Art?

Second day with my feet up so I’m getting over it by relaxing with a bit of telly and the second part of Marion Again. It’s one of those psychological thrillers where you really have to suspend disbelief. Basic plot is that very clever deranged bloke kidnaps girl, drugs her, locks her in a box and doesn’t let her out until convinces her she’s someone else.

Fifteen years later, she is still totally brainwashed and in thrall of the control-freakery madman. Until the day she accidentally runs into the boyfriend who dropped her off that fateful night. It gets out of control from thereon in. Read more ›››

Time on my Hands

Like the watch left, I am slowly melting having finished work tonight with a whole two weeks leave to relax and enjoy. Trouble is, I have not a single plan of what to do with myself for the next fortnight, other than five days blocked out for the fifth test and a night or three away for Mrs P’s birthday.

I had a vague plan to completely revamp my family history website. What I had in mind was to update my web skills to build a database driven alternative, but it’s too big a task for now. And would take much longer than the time I had. Read more ›››