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C is for Cape Town

By the time you are reading this, I should be in the air on my way to South Africa so it seemed appropriate that this week’s posting should be C for Cape Town, our eventual destination.

We are visiting South Africa to see our daughter who is living there at the moment, but the primary purpose is a holiday to experience the country and I will be armed with my camera in the hope of getting enough material for a whole round of ABC Wednesday. Read more ›››

Ticka Ticka Timex

They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but it can certainly feed your paranoia. I made the mistake of browsing a site for ex-pats in Cape Town that attempted and failed to be reassuring.

It said that the city’s reputation for crime and violence was totally unwarranted, that Cape Town was an idyllic place to live provided the prospective settler takes sensible precautions. Read more ›››

The Fear of Crime

Do you know which European country has the highest crime rate? The Vatican City. There are around 1,000 crimes reported each year, or 1.25 instances per head of population. It also has the lowest age of consent and it is legal to have sex with a 12 year old.

The fact that it has such a large influx of tourists every day accounts for the former fact, mostly pick-pocketing and purse-snatching and since the majority of its 800 population are Roman Catholic priests then the less said about the latter, the better. Read more ›››

Hot Time in Kos

Watching Denmark play Italy in Euro 2004 tonight took me back to 1992 when Denmark won the competition against all the odds, given that they didn’t even qualify and only got there because of the problems in Yugoslavia.

With perfect timing, we chose that moment to book a holiday in Kos, at the Norida Beach Hotel to be precise. Boy, was it hot! Some of the rooms had air-con — those occupied by German guests — but not ours. Imagine trying to keep two young children content in +90°, day and night. Read more ›››