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Grass in a Box

My nephew is planning to replace someone’s lawn. Sorry, “replacing” is the wrong word as it suggests he has some remaining grass work with when what he is faced with is an overgrown garden stuffed with weeds or bare earth.

He was a bit put off by the cost of buying turf and wondered whether simply seeding it would work, albeit not quite the instant result he was looking for. Read more ›››

The Peck That Polly Picked

As mentioned yesterday, the Polly household has been a hive of activity. The ‘new suite of doom’ is due to be delivered tomorrow by the furniture company of the three randomly chosen letters.

We finished the titivating. I say ‘we’ but I am a) hopeless with a paint brush and b) Mrs P is much better at these things. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Read more ›››

Putting the “Why?” in DIY

They’ve opened a new Homebase just down the road from where we live and I fear the worst for Chez Polly. The problem is that I’m not very good at making or mending things with ‘D’ in DIY standing for Damage, Dent, Destroy, Disintegrate or Depreciate in my case.

We’ve only been spared the worst excesses and expense of my efforts at home improvement because it always involved a 30/40 minute drive to and from B&Q Read more ›››