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Weather Spin Cyclone

I heard this story on the radio last week and meant to blog about it, but better late than never. It’s the one about the BBC weather people being told to ‘sex-up’ their forecasts. Now bear in mind that it comes from one of those infamous ‘leaked memos’ and that it was in the Daily Mail, so there may or may not be much substance to, but I rather hope there is.

Saying that “chilly in areas” should become “warm for most” and that “isolated storms” might now be termed as “hot and sunny for most” has a certain appeal. Read more ›››

Rita the Storm Goddess

With all the coverage of Hurricane Rita, one thing I hadn’t heard of was how hurricanes had been so called. I was pretty sure that it came to us from the Spanish ‘huracan’ but I hadn’t realised that they in turn had taken it from the Taino people, Huracan being the god of wind, storms and fire of Mayan mythology blamed for the Great Flood so prevalent in mythologies worldwide. Read more ›››