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E is for English Heritage

One natural resource that England has aplenty is history. It’s all around us, and not just the grand palaces, castles, stately homes and cathedrals — it can also be found in the humblest of structures.

The organisation charged with and protecting these buildings is English Heritage. Their criteria for ‘listing’ them is complex, but it includes pretty much everything built up to 1840 and anything after then that is of special interest, quality and character or technological importance. Read more ›››

Q is for Queen of Cotton

I’ve raided the Tameside Image Archive for ABC Wednesday to find these photos of Frances Lockett who was voted Hyde’s first Cotton Queen in 1930 and went on to become the first Cotton Queen of Britain.

The contest was a major event held annually between 1930 and 1939 to promote the cotton industry. It was organised by the Daily Dispatch and held in Blackpool over a three week period.  To be eligible, the contestants had to work in the cotton industry and be aged between 16 and 26. Read more ›››


Places like YouTube are great for sharing your videos with the world, but what in the world should you video? The reality is that unless you set up something specifically or are just plain lucky, most videos are pretty dull. You can see a good example below. Read more ›››

Tread the Boards Gently

In an age when no new building is designed to have a useful life beyond a couple of decades, it is all the more sad when others that where built to last are left to fall into ruin. Such is the case with the Theatre Royal in Hyde which I was able to visit today as part of the Open Heritage Days.

It was built in 1902 as a full-size professional theatre. It seated 1,120 people on three levels — the stalls, the circle and the gods — and each level had its own entrance, stairs and ticket office. Where you sat reflected in the price of a ticket and your station in life, the wealthy in the circle, the middling class in the stalls and the hoi polloi in the gods. Read more ›››

H is for Hyde

This is a continuation of last week’s post, moving from the village of Gee Cross to the town of Hyde that it is now part of.

Hyde is one of the towns in the far north east of Cheshire known as the panhandle because of the way it sticks out, surrounded by the counties of Lancashire, Derbyshire and Yorkshire as you can see from this 1840 map. Read more ›››