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Tory Wet

I often complain about supermarkets and the whole soulless business of the weekly shop, but I don’t really mean it. It’s by far the most convenient way of getting the chore done, even if it means having to put up with the idiosyncrasies of the staff.

Like the checkout sprint. Why do the people on the tills think it is some sort of race they have to win by whipping items across the scanner faster than you can pack ’em until there is a growing mound of groceries on the packing side? Read more ›››

Out of Flunter

Completely out of flunter. And it’s all because of the Ashes. Play didn’t start until midnight, UK time, and I promised myself that I would watch for maybe an hour or so before going to bed, but seldom managed to tear myself from the telly before 3am.

After five nights of this, I was feeling somewhat zombiefied. I held on last night willing Strauss to declare, but finally gave up with England 505-1 and a draw a certain outcome. Good match though. Read more ›››