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It’s a while since I wrote a book review which isn’t surprising as I haven’t read much of late, but one title very much on my pre-order from Amazon list was Nightmare, the third in Stephen Leather’s Jack Nightingale series.

I’ve written about the previous two novels here and here, so I’ll make my precis of the story so far as brief as I can. Read more ›››

Midnight for Jack Nightingale

Midnight by Steohen Leather

It isn’t every day that you read a book that works on every level, one that has an unusual plot and a satisfying twist, plus a style that makes you savour every page. Midnight is such a book.

It is the second in a trilogy (at least) billed as A Jack Nightingale Supernatural Thriller, which I suspect might put lots of people off, but this is far from a spooks and demons page-turner. More Spooks and demons really. Read more ›››