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Coalition of the Wilting

For once, the media have not been exaggerating (much) by describing the events of today as momentous, not least Gordon’s announcement that he is to stand down as both PM and Labour leader.

You do wonder how much the politicians have learned from the past, in particular 1974. Read more ›››

A Clarkson Rant?

I’d read on Saturday that Jeremy Clarke had upset a couple of DJs on one of our local commercial radio stations. Having now compared that version of events with JC’s and learning what they were actually asking him to do, I can’t say I blame him.

When cities burn, ban the beaver

Jeremy Clarkson excellent as ever:

I turned, as one does at a time like this, to the Daily Mail to see if beavers could in some way cause house prices to fall, or if perhaps they’d been involved in the death of Princess Diana.

It seems not. The Mail couldn’t even come up with a link between beavers and breast cancer in middle-aged women, noting only that they have razor-sharp teeth…. Read more ›››

Sunday, Sweet Sunday

One of the joys of my weekend is the Sunday Times. The first I do in the morning is to take a cup of tea into the office and go online to enter the ‘Where Was I’ competition in the travel section. Not that I ever expect to win the holiday prize, it’s more the challenge of solving the puzzle and sharpening up my web searching skills. The answers this week are Lullingstone and Chartwell, home of Winston Churchill. Read more ›››