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Delayed Jubilee Nostalgia

Compstall Jubilee

I’m not usually one of those who blames everything on Brussels and the Eurocrats, but every now and then I get the feeling that there is someone sat at a desk, chewing his pencil, wondering what he can add to the list of ‘things we should be worried about’.

Unless you’ve visited previously in the last 24 hours, you will have been greeted by the message above on your computer screen and it deserves a post by way of explanation. Read more ›››

Don’t Jubilee’ve It

Etherow Raft Race

Despite the atrocious weather on the Thames yesterday, I glad to say that conditions were much milder by the time the floating pageant reached our neck of the woods today.

The plucky matelots had lost some of their grit and coordination as you might expect after what they had been through and their craft were the worse for wear, as you can see from my photo, but they were determined to put on a good show for the good people of Etherow. Read more ›››